Software & Data

  • Y chromosome STR haplotypes for four populations from NW Africa (Bosch et al. 2000; Int J Legal Med, 114:36-40) BoschIntJLegalMed2000
  • Y chromosome haplotypes for NW African and Iberian populations (Bosch et al. 2001; Am J Hum Genet, 68:1019-1029). All individuals in those samples were typed for the set of biallelic markers described by Underhill et al.(2000) Nat.Genet. 26:358-361. Haplotypes for this set of markers are given under the HST column. For most individuals, STR haplotypes are also available (please note that the notation for DYS389I and DYS389II corresponds to that recommended by the International Forensic Y User Group (, as well as haplotypes for a different set of biallelic markers (Bosch et al., 1999, Am J Hum Genet 65:1623-1638), given under the HC column. Population abbreviations are as follows: AND, Andalusians; ARA, Moroccan Arabs; BAS, Basques; CAT, Catalans; NCMBER, North Central Moroccan Berbers; SAH, Saharawi; SMBER: South Moroccan Berbers). BoschAmJHumGenet2001
  • Genotype data used in Bosch et al. 2001; Forensic Science International, 116:41-51. BoschForSciInt2001
  • Y STR haplotypes and haplogroups for Albanians from Tirana, Greeks from Thrace, Macedonians from Skopje, Romanians from Constanta and from Ploiesti, Aromuns from Andon Poci and from Dukasi in Albania; Aromuns from Kogalniceanu in Romania, and Aromuns from Stip and from Krusevo in the Republic of Macedonia. Population affiliation and Y STR and biallelic data details can be found in Bosch et al. 2006 Annals of Human Genetics, 70(Pt 4):459-87. BoschAnnHumGent2006