Why are there so many different butterflies?
How did they evolve?
Is climate change affecting them?
How do butterflies colonize islands?
Are there species that look the same?
These are some of the questions we try to answer in our research.
Above all, we are passionate about butterflies, exploration & science!
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Highlighted Papers:

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Pitteloud, C., Arrigo, N., Suchan, T., Mastretta-Yanes, A., Vila, R., Dincă, V., Hernández-Roldán, J., Brockmann, E., Chittaro, Y., Kleckova, I., Fumagalli, L., Buerki, S., Pellissier, L. & Alvarez, N.

Climatic niche evolution is faster in sympatric than allopatric lineages of the butterfly genus Pyrgus.

Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B 284: 20170208.

Authors of the study on the island of Montecristo.

Dapporto, L.*, Cini A.*, Menchetti M.*, Vodă, R.*, Bonelli, S., Casacci, L.P., Dincă, V., Scalercio, S., Hinojosa, J.C., Biermann, H., Forbicioni, L., Mazzantini, U., Venturi, L., Zanichelli, F., Balletto, E., Shreeve, T.G., Dennis, R.L.H. & Vila, R.  (2017) Rise and fall of island butterfly diversity. Understanding genetic differentiation and extinction in a highly diverse archipelago. Diversity and Distributions (early view); doi: 10.1111/ddi.12610 (*Co-first authors).

New video following the extraordinary trip of the butterfly Vanessa cardui from Northern Europe to the tropical savannah!

Spanish and Catalan version


EUGENMAP is a project that aims to DNA barcode all European butterfly species.

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Koubínová, D., Dincă, V., Dapporto, L., Vodă, R., Suchan, T., Vila, R. & Alvarez, N. (2017) Genomics of extreme ecological specialists: multiple convergent evolution but no genetic divergence between ecotypes of Maculinea alcon butterflies. Scientific Reports 7: 13752; doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-12938-8

Vlad Dincă

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